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Welcome to The Mystique Galaxy Of Online Games

Without any doubts, nowadays you can find numerous types of games online. There are different styles, formats and themes to choose from. Thus, any gamer can find a game that will suit his or her tastes. If, for instance, you adore thinking, you will like the games that require great brainwork. If you simply feel like having fun and do not want to strain your mind, you have choose such games as slots. Of course, that does not mean that slots are stupid games or machines for those who do not like thinking, that only means that they can be played easily and the majority of fruit machines even have an autoplay option. In other words, to play the game, you just press the autoplay button and that’s it! By the way, when we talk about slots, it is of key importance to stress that there are different types of slots, some require gaming skills and others don’t.

The Recommended Games We Believe You Would Adore

As you might know, the gaming market boasts a wide selection of games and below we have gathered the ones that we are sure you should give a try. These games are not only interesting to play, but they can also give its gamers something special. Let’s find out more about the special element of the games! But before we go further, please pay attention to the fact that we here have collected games from different categories: • Action • Adventure • Horror games • MMO games • Fighting games • MOBA Games • Puzzle Games. Note: Some of the categories may include more than one game which we think every avid gamer should give a shot. Plus, some games may belong to several categories at the same time. So, our list of the most attention worthy games includes the following: • Action games: Axiom Verge developed by Tom Happ is a great game that brings stunning gameplay and exciting story plot. The other game, which belongs to this category, is Adventures of Pip, which belongs to Action and adventure games at the same time. It’s a rewarding game that can keep you engaged for long due to its bright graphics and exciting characters. • The category of the Adventure games has in its list such games as Batman: The Telltale Series with its astonishing fisticuffs, gadgetry, and detective work theme, and Game of Thrones, the game themed around the hit series of the same name. Scribblenauts Unlimited is also a cool game to have fun for all adventure lovers. • Horror games combine the following titles: The Walking Dead: Season One, Alien: Isolation. • MMO games have in its list such games as World of Warcraft, of course, and Blade & Soul. • To the Fighting games we can refer the following: Divekick run by Iron Galaxy Studios, and Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-, which is powered by Arc System Works. • Then best MOBA Games are Smite and League of Legends. • Finally, talking about Puzzle Games, such ones should be mentioned: Bejeweled 3, Papo & Yo, and Quantum Conundrum.

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